New York Deli Rye

The flavor of Rye in bread is associated with sour or with Caraway flavor.  The actual flavor of Rye is earthy and it has "spicy" bite...  Our rye is sure to take any sandwich to the next level.


Using a sourdough starter that is older than we would like to admit, we have been making "San Francisco Style" sourdough for years.  This is the type of sourdough that has a firm crust, and open and chewy crumb (the inside) and a bit of tang on the finish.

Asiago Sourdough

Embedded in Standing Stone's rustic sourdough, you will find chunks of rich Asiago cheese that are literally melting in the bread!  Rated as our customer's favorite bread, this is not one to miss!

Honey Wheat

Honey wheat bread is a good, all around sandwich bread, with a hint of sweetness, due to the Standing Stone Farms honey that is added.  Typically produced in a bread tin, it is shaped as an every-day sandwich bread.  Although, sometimes, we will put it into cast-iron or a stone cloche to get a more interesting shape and crust.


Rosemary-Potato Focaccia

An absolute must-try from Standing Stone Breads.  While the combination may sound a bit "out-there" the taste will have you coming back for more.  Our suggestion is to buy more than you thought... just a fair warning!

Country Loaf

Built off-of a two day "levain", this is a bread that can be thought-of as an advanced sourdough.  Sporting a crispy crust, and a very chewy interior, early response has been very positive for this new offering from SSB.

Irish Soda Bread

This soda-bread is half-way between a cake and a traditional bread.  Using only baking powder, and sometimes cream of tartar, to create the "rise", this is a quick-use bread.  Great to have with your morning coffee or your afternoon tea.  Sometimes it contains golden raisins, and other times a bit of caraway. 

Italian Rosemary bread.

This close crumb boule (round bread) benefits from olive oil and salt on the top of this flavorful bread.  Inspired by the breads at great Italian restaurants, this is a perfect dipping bread, or a "rip it and go" treat.

All of our breads are listed below, each week we select a group of breads to bake based on customer feedback.  To order bread, click the "Order" link from the navigation bar above.

Peasant Bread

One of our most popular breads, this is home-made bread like “your Mom used to make”!  A light, white yeast bread that gains a bit of additional “interest” from baking in the Artisan oven.  The oven imparts a more complex crust, yet retains the interior softness, smell and taste that you remember from years past. 


Sporting an open crumb and a firm crust, this Parmesan Focaccia is the perfect bread for wine and cheese, or a salty Italian or Spanish meat.  Typically shaped in a "natural" flat form, it is sometimes considered a "flat-bread".

Stone Ground Wheat

This is a slightly sweet bread, due to molasses, and a nice nutty flavor.  Excellent as a toasting bread, the next morning

Rustic 5 Grain

This boule-shaped bread has a pleasant nutty flavor due to the combination of grains in the bread.  Soaked for several hours before baking, the grains impart their own unique flavors to this wholesome bread


Our Cranberry-Walnut bread has just a hint of sweetness, to balance the grains and walnuts throughout the loaf.  We envision this bread as a morning toasting bread, and an excellent accompaniment to soups and salads.

Carrot-Walnut Bread

Carrot-Walnut is a rustic bread, with hints of sweetness due to the golden raisins, and a firm crumb filled with walnuts.  This bread is excellent with soups and stews, and toasts beautifully the next morning.  The topping of cumin seeds gives this bread just a bit of “snap”!

Oregano Parmesan Bread

This is THE bread for Italian meals, or just enjoying with a bottle of wine.  The addition of olive-oil to the bread, provides a softer crust, and an extended shelf-life.

Harvest Grain

A nutty, multi-grain bread, that features whole harvest grains and a bit of several different flours.  This is a center of the table bread, that WILL get in the way of whatever else happens to share the meal.  Consistently voted one of our top breads.