why choose Standing Stone Breads?


We've been baking "artistic" or "rustic" breads for thirty years; way before these breads became trendy.  Working in small ovens, with very limited tools, we learned how to bake the old fashioned way, by baking a LOT of bread!  In our experience, nothing replaces actually working with the dough, or the starter, or the flour to really lean how these common ingredients come together to create the artistic breads we bake here at Standing Stone Breads.  We now understand how temperature, or humidity can impact the final product...or how fats (oils, butter, etc...) effect the final crust (outside) or crumb (inside) of the loaf.  And while talking about bread is something we do often, we do a lot more baking...every day!

If you haven't had the opportunity to enjoy a loaf of Standing Stone bread, and you are located close by, please give us a ring so we can introduce you to how "we" believe bread should be made.  The old-fashioned way!